Former CIA, National Defense, Center of Secure Policy

Great interview with former CIA Clare Lopez talking about North Korea, Iran, and the Nuclear threats to America through EMPs or missiles and the security of our country.

Great streamed Interviews

My guest Timothy Lim Illustrator of POTUS Thump

My Guest Mike Toke with @NewRightUS

Matt Schlapp interview


Singer Kaya Jones former Pussycat Doll

Guest Kyle Morris Conservative Savage

Interview with Alireza Jafarzadeh Deputy Director of NCRI

Great interview discussing the up coming 

Free Iran 2018 Conference in Paris on June 30th.  This is an annual Global conference, however, this is a unique historical time as protest across Iran by the Iranian people are calling for Freedom and REGIME change.

more interviews

Gadi Adelman

My Friend and guest Gadi Adelman Host of The Danger Zone, Israel News Radio

My Friend and Guest Gadi Adelman Host of 'The Danger Zone' Israel News Radio, Vet of IDF, USNavy,  counter terrorism 

Christopher C Hull PhD EVP Center of Secure Policy

 Executive Vice President, @SecureFreedom; former GOP US House chief of staff; author of Grassroots Rules (Stanford U. Press), a book on presidential politics. 

John Guandolo former FBI Special Under Cover Agent

 John Guandolo @JohnGuandolo @UTT on twitter, Founder/CEO Understanding The Threat UTT,  Marine VET, Under Cover Special Agent, Counter-Terrorism.  

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Trump vs Kim Jong-Un

US Vs North Korea Montage